Bringing Holocaust Survivor Inge Auerbacher’s Experience to VR

In partnership with UNESCO, the World Jewish Congress and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Conference, we have collaborated with Storyfile to develop a first of its kind AI-driven, interactive, and immersive experience that brings the experiences of a Holocaust survivor to life in virtual (VR) and extended reality (XR).  “Tell Me, Inge…” tells the … ادامه

Expanding Meta Verified to Businesses

Earlier this year, we introduced Meta Verified for creators, a subscription bundle to help creators more easily establish their presence on Instagram and Facebook. Today at Meta’s Conversations Conference in Mumbai, Mark Zuckerberg announced we will soon expand Meta Verified to businesses on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.  We’ll start with a test in the coming … ادامه

Creating New Experiences for People and Businesses on WhatsApp

Today at our global Conversations event in Mumbai we’re introducing several new features that will help speed up how to get things done with businesses in a WhatsApp chat.  Faster Chat Experiences with Flows We’re launching Flows so businesses can offer more experiences like quickly choosing your train seat, ordering a meal or booking an … ادامه

WhatsApp Channels Are Going Global

Today we’re excited to launch WhatsApp Channels to over 150 countries and deliver a private way to receive updates that matter to you. We’re welcoming thousands of organizations, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders that people can follow, right within WhatsApp.  If you’re new to Channels, our goal is to build the most private broadcast … ادامه

WhatsApp Channels: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We don’t believe Channel updates should have to stick around forever. So, we’ll only store channel history on our servers for up to 30 days. Admins will also have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channel.  “WhatsApp Channels is something I’m personally excited about because now I have a place where I … ادامه

Metaverse Technologies Are Creating New Opportunities for Teachers to Inspire Students

Digital technologies have transformed so many areas of education in recent decades. From pocket calculators to laptops, tablets, and the video conferencing tools that helped learning shift online during the pandemic, technology plays a crucial role in how people teach and learn. Metaverse technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) promise to create … ادامه

For Those Using Metaverse Technologies, the Impact Is Real

The positive impact of immersive technologies is already apparent, and as metaverse technologies continue to progress, we expect even more opportunities will emerge to maximize the benefits of these innovations. Imagine if doctors could practice surgery in a realistic, risk-free way – with virtual reality (VR) that’s already possible and happening today.

An Update on Facebook News in Europe

While we’ll be deprecating Facebook News in these countries, we will honour our obligations under all existing Facebook News deals with publishers in the UK, France and Germany until they expire. However, to ensure that we continue to invest in those products and services that drive user engagement, we will not enter into new commercial … ادامه

Investing To Advance The Future Of Education & Skilling In India

“The Government’s focus on preparing our youth and workforce in these rapidly transforming times, to be equipped with the skills to succeed and play important roles in the evolving landscape of technology and the global economy. Digital skills, while representing skilling and entrepreneurship in the innovation ecosystem, more importantly represents a bridge between lakhs of … ادامه